Top 10 Foods That Increase Libido And Sex Drive

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Looking for some foods that increase libido? If so, that’s a smart move.

When it comes to improving your sex life, it makes sense to employ a variety of sexual wellness strategies. The more you implement, the better your results will be.

Whether you want to increase your desire for sex, hope to resolve premature ejaculation or just need greater stamina in the bedroom, paying attention to foods that boost libido can help.

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You’ve probably heard the word ‘libido’ thrown around before.

Although you may have an idea of what the term means, let’s define libido in detail before moving on.

What Is Libido And Why Does It Matter?

Libido refers to how strong or weak your desire for sexual intimacy is.

For some, the urge can be very strong, indicating a high libido. Others may fall in the middle ground or ‘average range’. Still, others may have a low sex drive or low libido.

How much sex do you need to feel like you’re getting enough? Once per year, month or week? Or is the answer never, daily or multiple times per day?

Answering this question gives you a good idea of where your libido falls in that spectrum.

However, the comparison game isn’t usually healthy. We all have unique sex drives after all.

Having said that, a variety of factors affect male and female libido.

  1. Social factors, such as relationships at work and home
  2. Psychological factors, such as stress
  3. Lifestyle conditions like diet, exercise and more
  4. Age. Generally, the older we get, the less sex drive we have
  5. Self-image. Do you view yourself in a positive light?

We can also experience day-to-day ups and downs in our sex drives.

The most important thing is that you and your partner are happy with each other’s sex drive. If not, there’s no need to fret.

You can make some positive changes.

Can Foods Increase Your Libido?

Happy couple with high sex drive

The great news is they can.

First off, putting clean healthy foods into your body allows it to perform better on all levels, including sex.

So, in a general sense, it’s true. Better fuel means better performance whether that involves hitting a baseball or hitting the bedroom.

Consuming the right foods results in an optimal circulatory system. Cardiac health also can improve from a healthful diet, leading to greater sexual stamina.

Besides that, sex first starts in the brain. A healthy diet allows you to think clearer and promotes brain health. It also helps you to better manage potential mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety that can interfere with a fulfilling sex life.

Put all that together and what’s on the menu matters a great deal when it comes to your libido. But not all foods are of equal value.

Not surprisingly, you’ll need to go natural.

Foods with 50 ingredients and shelf life of five years aren’t going to do you any favors.

Here are 10 specific foods that help increase your libido worth considering.

Top Ten Foods That Can Increase Libido In Men And Women

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of libido-enhancing foods, it’ll give you a good running start. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself, trying to cram all of these foods into one week.

Rather, see it as an opportunity to gradually ‘invite’ foods onto your dinner plate. Not only are these foods enjoyable from a culinary standpoint, but they also can lead to plenty of other enjoyment later on—wink, wink. Let’s start with one of the all-time favorites.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate And It' Benefits to Sexual Health

Most people who want to improve their love life are happy to hear that dark chocolate is a natural libido booster. It helps to increase both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. These are your ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters.

An antioxidant found in cocoa known as flavanols also help to increase blood flow and relax blood vessels. This provides ample blood flow to all the right places at the right time!

The amount of flavanols present in chocolate can vary greatly depending on the way it’s produced and the specific brand. The best source of flavanols come from unsweetened cocoa powder. You can also purchase fortified powder if it promises at least 200 mg of flavanols per serving.

These days, there are endless dark chocolate brands to choose from. For the best results, go for the less processed varieties when you want to improve your libido.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits to Libido

Whether you prefer it hot or cold, green tea can bring some much-desired heat to your sex life. Catechins are compounds generously found in green tea. They help with blood flow and reduce belly fat.

There are two specific ways catechins can improve your blood flow. First, they eliminate free radicals known to inflame and harm blood vessels. This makes them more effective at transporting blood.

Secondly, catechins help blood vessel cells to let go of nitric oxide, increasing blood vessel size and improving blood flow.

Most people imagine the only way to consume green tea is by drinking it straight. Actually, there are plenty of other ways to integrate it into your diet.

Green tea works well in smoothies and oatmeal. You can also add green tea powder to your baked goods and yogurt.

3. Fatty Fish

Salmon and Fatty Fish Benefits to Libido

While all types of fish properly prepared will give you some significant dietary benefits, certain species are particularly helpful for an improved libido. Fatty or oily fish such as sardines, salmon or tuna are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These acids increase dopamine in the brain and promote heart health and blood flow.

Also high in vitamin B6 and protein, consuming fish leads to healthier blood production. Few foods offer so much protein at such a low-calorie level. This means a leaner physique that performs better during sex.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

One of the best foods for libido improvement is pumpkin seeds. They’re rich in zinc, iron, fiber, protein and potassium. Besides zinc’s ability to improve your eye health, immune function and wound healing, the high concentration of this mineral is especially good for men.

If you’re searching for foods that boost libido in males, pumpkin seeds do just that. A zinc deficiency, on the other hand, can result in low testosterone levels.

Scientists are still studying why zinc is so important in the production of testosterone. In one study, men who were given 30 mg of zinc displayed increased free testosterone levels.

Add pumpkin seeds to your trail mix, salad, or cereal. They’re a valuable libido enhancer.

5. Avocados

Sexual Health Benefits From Eating Avocados

The versatility of the avocado makes it a culinary favorite. They’re also a significant source of vitamin E, making for healthy nails and skin.

Avocados are rich in vitamin B6, potassium and monounsaturated fats. These help to promote good circulation and a healthy heart, both a necessity for a great sex life.

The natural benefits of avocados help to prevent artery damage too. Erectile dysfunction is twice as likely in men who have heart disease.

According to one study, researchers found that avocado consumption lessens the risk of metabolic syndrome, a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction. In fact, men with metabolic syndrome are nearly twice as likely as the general population to struggle with ED.

Avocados are easy to use and versatile enough for any meal. Try some mashed avocado on your toast at breakfast or use it with chips and salsa, on a sandwich or salad.

6. Pomegranates

Pomegranates Found to Increase Libido

According to a two-week study by Queen Mary University Edinburgh, daily consumption of pomegranate juice significantly increased testosterone levels in women and men.

Besides potentially increased testosterone levels, pomegranates help to enhance blood flow, thereby improving your libido. Their high levels of antioxidants are the main reason for this.

Pomegranates make for a unique but extremely healthy sweet treat by themselves. They also work great on salads, cereals and yogurts.

Whether you’re searching for foods that increase male libido or foods that increase female libido, pomegranates should be in your arsenal of tasty go-to snacks.

7. Watermelon

Watermelons Have High Levels of L-Arginine

Most people look forward to a summer gathering that includes watermelon. But did you know that watermelon is more than just a refreshing way to cool down?

The vitamin B5 present in watermelon is vital for stress management. That’s a good thing since high-stress levels can cause both male and female libidos to plummet.

And once you’re in the mood for sex because of lower stress levels, your body will get rid of cortisol after orgasm. This helps to decrease stress levels all the more. Watermelon can help to make sure you have limited stress so you feel more in the mood in the first place.

Watermelon can be deemed to be one of the best fruits to increase libido also provides other B vitamins which help with sexual endurance and energy production. And since watermelon is a vasodilator (helps to widen blood vessels), it works much like a natural Viagra.

8. Beef

Beef Prepped For Cooking

Although beef often doesn’t make the list of what to eat to increase libido, it’s well worth considering. The saturated fats contained in beef are important sex hormone building blocks. This includes testosterone, vital for increasing libido in women and men.

Beef also contains plenty of zinc which is important from a fertility and increased sex drive standpoint. Beef is rich in iron which helps with energy production and improved blood flow too.

Whether you plan on grilling a steak or marinating beef for kebabs, your sexual health will thank you. If you can find leaner cuts of meat to include in recipes, that’s always your best choice.

9. Try Some Herbs

It turns out that herbs do more than provide a healthful flavor-alternative for your favorite dishes. They can also benefit your sexual health. And each herb has its own unique medicinal properties. Here are a few to consider.


Natural Garlic Powder

It has high levels of allicin, which can help with blood flow. That increased flow may help men struggling with erectile dysfunction too.


Ginko Biloba Powder

Another herb to consider is Ginkgo biloba. Deriving from the leaves of the Chinese Ginkgo tree, the herb is considered useful in treating sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants.

Ginko biloba can be purchased online or at health food stores. This herb can be used as a tea. It’s also found in liquid extract, tablet and capsule forms.


Ginseng Root Powder

Still another worthy herb for an improved libido is ginseng. Although scientists have yet to discover all the benefits of ginseng, a recent study found this herb beneficial in treating sexual dysfunction for methadone users.


Tribulus Terrestris Plant

Don’t let the name scare you off. One study found it effective in improving female sexual interest/arousal disorder.

The four-week study reported an increase in satisfaction, sexual desire and arousal. Hopefully, further studies will yield more valuable information since this was a relatively small test group (only 60 individuals).

10. Red Wine

Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Highly regarded as an aphrodisiac, red wine has been touted as useful in lowering the risks of diseases such as heart disease. And according to a 2009 finding (Mondaini 2009), sexual function may also be improved by consuming red wine.

As with any study, it’s valuable to keep in mind this research was only conducted with a small sample size. Further research will likely shed additional light on the value of red wine and increased libido.

Also, keep in mind that drinking too much red wine could have the opposite effect on your libido. In both health and increased sex drive, moderation is key.


By adding these foods to your diet on a regular basis you can see an increase in libido.

Not to mention, most of the foods that encourage higher sex drive and libido typically are an overall healthy choice for the long game as well.

Although the decision to eat a certain food may seem like it doesn’t matter much, over time your daily food choices will add up.

You can make your dietary preferences work towards a higher libido rather than against that goal.

Taking care of your health in this way will increase your chances of a long and fulfilling sex life.

So, get out there and start adding the top 10 libido-enhancing foods to your daily diet.

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Self-esteem: Take steps to feel better about yourself

This is a great article from Mayo. Self esteem is paramount in our lives.

If you have low self-esteem, harness the power of your thoughts and beliefs to change how you feel about yourself. Start with these steps.

Low self-esteem can negatively affect virtually every facet of your life, including your relationships, your job and your health. But you can boost your self-esteem by taking cues from types of mental health counseling.

Consider these steps, based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

1. Identify troubling conditions or situations

Think about the conditions or situations that seem to deflate your self-esteem. Common triggers might include:

  • A work or school presentation
  • A crisis at work or home
  • A challenge with a spouse, loved one, co-worker or other close contact
  • A change in roles or life circumstances, such as a job loss or a child leaving home

2. Become aware of thoughts and beliefs

Once you’ve identified troubling situations, pay attention to your thoughts about them. This includes what you tell yourself (self-talk) and your interpretation of what the situation means. Your thoughts and beliefs might be positive, negative or neutral. They might be rational, based on reason or facts, or irrational, based on false ideas.

Ask yourself if these beliefs are true. Would you say them to a friend? If you wouldn’t say them to someone else, don’t say them to yourself.

3. Challenge negative or inaccurate thinking

Your initial thoughts might not be the only way to view a situation — so test the accuracy of your thoughts. Ask yourself whether your view is consistent with facts and logic or whether other explanations for the situation might be plausible.

Be aware that it can be hard to recognize inaccuracies in thinking. Long-held thoughts and beliefs can feel normal and factual, even though many are just opinions or perceptions.

Also pay attention to thought patterns that erode self-esteem:

  • All-or-nothing thinking. You see things as either all good or all bad. For example, “If I don’t succeed in this task, I’m a total failure.”
  • Mental filtering. You see only negatives and dwell on them, distorting your view of a person or situation. For example, “I made a mistake on that report and now everyone will realize I’m not up to this job.”
  • Converting positives into negatives. You reject your achievements and other positive experiences by insisting that they don’t count. For example, “I only did well on that test because it was so easy.”
  • Jumping to negative conclusions. You reach a negative conclusion when little or no evidence supports it. For example, “My friend hasn’t replied to my email, so I must have done something to make her angry.”
  • Mistaking feelings for facts. You confuse feelings or beliefs with facts. For example, “I feel like a failure, so I must be a failure.”
  • Negative self-talk. You undervalue yourself, put yourself down or use self-deprecating humor. For example, “I don’t deserve anything better.”

4. Adjust your thoughts and beliefs

Now replace negative or inaccurate thoughts with accurate, constructive thoughts. Try these strategies:

  • Use hopeful statements. Treat yourself with kindness and encouragement. Instead of thinking your presentation won’t go well, try telling yourself things such as, “Even though it’s tough, I can handle this situation.”
  • Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes — and mistakes aren’t permanent reflections on you as a person. They’re isolated moments in time. Tell yourself, “I made a mistake, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.”
  • Avoid ‘should’ and ‘must’ statements. If you find that your thoughts are full of these words, you might be putting unreasonable demands on yourself — or on others. Removing these words from your thoughts can lead to more realistic expectations.
  • Focus on the positive. Think about the parts of your life that work well. Consider the skills you’ve used to cope with challenging situations.
  • Consider what you’ve learned. If it was a negative experience, what might you do differently the next time to create a more positive outcome?
  • Relabel upsetting thoughts. You don’t need to react negatively to negative thoughts. Instead, think of negative thoughts as signals to try new, healthy patterns. Ask yourself, “What can I think and do to make this less stressful?”
  • Encourage yourself. Give yourself credit for making positive changes. For example, “My presentation might not have been perfect, but my colleagues asked questions and remained engaged — which means that I accomplished my goal.”

You might also try these steps, based on acceptance and commitment therapy.

1. Identify troubling conditions or situations

Again, think about the conditions or situations that seem to deflate your self-esteem. Once you’ve identified troubling situations, pay attention to your thoughts about them.

2. Step back from your thoughts

Repeat your negative thoughts many times or write them down in an unusual way, such as with your nondominant hand. Imagine seeing your negative thoughts written on different objects. You might even sing a song about them in your mind.

These exercises can help you take a step back from thoughts and beliefs that are often automatic and observe them. Instead of trying to change your thoughts, distance yourself from your thoughts. Realize that they are nothing more or less than words.

3. Accept your thoughts

Instead of fighting, resisting or being overwhelmed by negative thoughts or feelings, accept them. You don’t have to like them, just allow yourself to feel them.

Negative thoughts don’t need to be controlled, changed or acted upon. Aim to lessen the power of your negative thoughts and their influence on your behavior.

These steps might seem awkward at first, but they’ll get easier with practice. As you begin to recognize the thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to your low self-esteem, you can counter them or change the way you think about them. This will help you accept your value as a person. As your self-esteem increases, your confidence and sense of well-being are likely to soar.

In addition to these suggestions, try to remember on a daily basis that you’re worth special care. To that end, be sure to:

  • Take care of yourself. Follow good health guidelines. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Limit sweets, junk food and animal fats.
  • Do things you enjoy. Start by making a list of things you like to do. Try to do something from that list every day.
  • Spend time with people who make you happy. Don’t waste time on people who don’t treat you well.


Reduce stress, Anxiety& Fatigue in 28 days

A Little Self-Love.
If you already take a daily multivitamin—add the following benefits to the list of reasons to maintaining the healthy habit: You’ll cut your stress, anxiety, and levels of fatigue, according to new research published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Researchers in the USA analysed eight studies of 1,300 adults taking a multivitamin supplement for at least 28 days, and found that people who took multivitamins for at least a month enjoyed a 65% and 68% reduction in stress and anxiety, respectively, and reported 73% less fatigue.

Getting ample quantities of vitamins and minerals improves the function of enzymes that regulate brain processes responsible for mood, and multivitamins provide additional nutrients beyond what you may be getting from your diet, researchers explain.

​Taking multivitamins that supply high doses of B vitamins—some up to five times the recommended daily allowance—is more strongly associated with this mood bump, the study also noted. “B vitamins are used to convert food into energy, produce stress hormones, and help your nervous system function properly,” says registered dietitian Ilyse Schapiro. “That means even normal, everyday stress can deplete the body’s supply of Bs.”

When you don’t get enough vitamins, your body has to work harder to perform simple tasks, which can lead to fatigue and other health problems. Taking multivitamins and keeping a healthy lifestyle can keep you energetic and fit.

Low-dose one-a-day multi-vitamins offer insurance against nutritional deficiencies, but higher-dose products can help you rise above simply being “okay” to achieve optimum health. That may mean having more energy or less stress, or being more alert. Or, maybe it’s a sense of feeling better overall.

“On any given day, if you fall short in one or more nutrients, you’ll fill that gap with a multivitamin,” says Duffy MacKay, ND, vice president, scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition and a naturopathic doctor in private practice. It would be impossible to guess whether you’re missing a B vitamin, or C, or a mineral, for example, so the multi covers your bases.


Checkout These Benefits Too …

Less Hunger – More Weight Loss

​Women taking multi-vitamins were less hungry while losing weight on a diet and exercise program, and men on the program lost more weight with multis, according to a Canadian study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Researchers noted that subtle shortfalls of various nutrients may interfere with hormones that normally turn off hunger during and after meals, and multi-vitamins can correct the problem.

Slow Down Aging
A study of 586 women, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that cells of those who took multi-vitamins were younger, with less age-related DNA damage, compared to those who didn’t take the supplements. The same type of study has not been done with men.

Better Memory
An analysis of 10 earlier studies, with a total of 3,200 men and women, found that multi-vitamins improved memory, and men also experienced improved alertness and well-being. The analysis was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Less Cancer
The Physicians’ Health Study tracked nearly 15,000 male physicians for approximately 11 years. The results, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that those taking a multi had 12 percent less risk for all cancers other than prostate cancer, which was most often not malignant or life threatening.


Healthier Heart
Among more than 77,000 men and women in Washington state middle-aged or older, taking multivitamins (even low-dose ones) for 10 years reduced the risk of death from heart disease by 16 percent, according to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Taking more than 320 IU of vitamin E daily (an amount found in many high-dose multis) reduced risk further, by 28 percent.

Healthier Babies
Studies that tracked a total of more than 43,000 pregnant women found that those who took multi-vitamins before and during pregnancy reduced risk of premature or low-birth-weight babies, who are predisposed to more diseases throughout life. The research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and other scientific journals.

Become the Conqueror

The evidence is overwhelming, if you want to live life to the full and enjoy optimum health, a good quality multi-vit is top of the agenda. Forget all the twaddle of by-gone years, when only athlete’s took supplements to improve performance, we all need them as an insurance to a poor-quality diet and the processed foods we ingest.

Give our Super Food Multi-Vit a try today and conquer fatigue and boost your energy levels.



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Psychosomatic Medicine
British Journal of Nutrition
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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