How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Tonny Wandella

Again, this is that time of year. “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” your friends, family, and coworkers are asking now that the champagne bottles have been popped and the balls have dropped.

Some people enjoy the New Year’s resolution tradition of having  goals set. Others claim that it’s a waste of time because the majority of resolutions fail by the middle of March. Despite the bleak statistics, there is rationality in joining the New Year’s resolution bandwagon.

You’re more driven to tackle your goals on days like New Year’s, your birthday, and even Mondays because you feel like you can finally put your past mistakes behind you. Perhaps you intended to stop smoking, get in shape, or begin going to sleep at a respectable hour last year but failed to do so. A new year’s start allows you to put those mistakes behind you and convince yourself, “That was the past me, but the new me will be better.” Here are some of my favorite science-based resolution-keeping tips:

Make it Enjoyable

When it comes to reaching our objectives, most of us strive for efficiency. If you want to get in shape, you believe that a rigorous workout will be the best way to achieve speedy results. You assume that if you want to ace a class, you’ll need extensive, distraction-free study periods. However, research has shown that focusing on efficiency might leave you high and dry since you’ll overlook an even more significant factor: whether you like the process of achieving your goals.

If exercising or studying isn’t enjoyable, you’re unlikely to stick with it. However, research has shown that if you enjoy your exercises or study sessions, you will stick with them longer. And, in the end, that’s what matters the most when it comes to sticking to a New Year’s resolution.

Allow for Unforeseen Circumstances

Your instinct may be to proclaim yourself a failure and throw in the towel if you deviate even little from your New Year’s plan. This is known as the “what the heck effect” by researchers.

According to research, setting tough goals (such as a 10 p.m. bedtime every night) but allowing yourself one or two get-out-of-jail-free cards each week yields greater results than setting either harsh or easy goals with no wiggle room. Your stretch goal motivates you, and the option to declare a “emergency” (rather than “what the heck”) keeps you moving forward after a setback.

Make a Cue-based Strategy

Actively planning where and when you’ll carry out your New Year’s resolve helps to refresh your memory when the time comes and creates remorse if you don’t follow through. (It also doesn’t hurt to put your plans on the calendar and set a digital reminder.) Detailed planning also helps you foresee and avoid barriers, such as declining a lunch meeting if you want to meditate during lunch.

If you didn’t keep your New Year’s resolutions the year before, this could be a sore spot. According to some estimates, only about 8% of individuals keep their resolutions each year, yet millions around the world continue to make goals in the hopes of a better year ahead. It’s all about committing to your goals in 2022, whether you choose to lose weight, become organized, or do anything else.

How to Build Resilience in Difficult Situations

By Tonny Wandella

It’s no secret that life can be challenging, and sometimes it gets to the point where you feel like it’s too much to handle. How do you build resilience when in these difficult situations? There are many different strategies for building your emotional resilience, but I want to share with you three ways that have helped me through my toughest times.

Different circumstances can cause us to go through difficult times. Whether it’s an illness, a relationship break-up, or job loss – there will always be something new coming our way. But how do we keep going when things get tough? How do we build resilience for future hardships?

Practice Mindfulness

There are many ways you can build emotional resilience when in hardship. One way is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being aware and present in the current moment, without any judgement or preconceived notions about it. It’s about accepting whatever you’re feeling, right now, because that’s what reality is at this time. Practice mindfulness by sitting down for 10 minutes a day with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing while letting all other thoughts drift away naturally.

Learn From Experience

Consider how you’ve dealt with adversity in the past. Consider the abilities and methods that aided you in overcoming adversity. You may also keep a record of your past experiences to help you discover positive and bad behaviour patterns, as well as to influence your future conduct.

Be Proactive In Your Approach

Don’t put off dealing with your issues. Instead, determine what needs to be done, devise a strategy, then do it. Although it may take time to recover from a severe setback, traumatic incident, or loss, keep in mind that if you work hard enough, your condition will improve.


Resilience is a powerful, yet underrated quality. If you can tap into your resilience and learn how to get back up after feeling knocked down, you are on the right track for success. But if it’s hard to bounce back from challenges or setbacks in life, don’t be afraid to ask for help–it may offer more benefits than just alleviating stress. What do you think, is the lack of resilience holding you back from achieving goals that matter most to you?

3 Steps To Discovering The Purpose of Your Life


Determining what our purpose is in life can be one of the hardest questions that we as humans must try to answer. In this article we will be going through a step-by-step process, exploring your feelings and options, and by the end, you should have a fairly solid tool you can immediately employ in your life, to help give it a meaningful direction!

There are three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life:

  1. Understanding the principle of choice
  2. Creating your “underlying principle”
  3. Aligning your life with this underlying principle

Understanding The Principle of Choice

Norman Vincent Peale has this to say about the power of choice. “The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It is an actual fact, that if you have been groping under unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous, instead. And, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. The whole trend and the quality of anyone’s life is determined by the choices that are made”.

“Choosing” is the most important activity of your mind, because by making a choice, you are proclaiming your desires to your subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind gets to know your desires, it is going to do anything to manifest them in your life. The choices you make in your life become your goal. And, if you are sincere in pursuing them, there is no reason why you should not accomplish them.

Indecision, on the other hand, not only creates frustration and anxiety, but can also confuse the subconscious mind about what you want. But it is important that the choices you make are made by you, in accordance with your true desires, purposes and aptitude. A lot of us let others make choices for us, or make our choices according to what we think is ‘correct’, even if that means that we go against our wishes. What is right for someone else may not be right for you, and the way to know this is listening to what your heart says.


So, to begin with, make a list of things which interest you; things which you have always enjoyed, which make you feel better, which inspire you to surge ahead, no matter what obstacles you face. Do you like doing something creative, or something artistic? Do you enjoy nature? Do you like the sea? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you get pleasure out of making a difference in other people’s life?

Whatever it is that interests you, write it down and answer these questions:

  1. What thing do you love to do?
  • What is it that you love in this thing and why?
  • How could you do this for money, and make a living out of it?

Creating Your Underlying Principle

The next step is to examine the list you just made and find out if there is any recurring theme. Maybe, it is the contribution that keeps coming up, or an effect to seek or give love, or helping your parents cope with old age. Whatever it is, try to identify the central theme of the things you love to do, and try to put it in a short and precise statement. This will be your ‘Mission Statement’. It may even be a quote by a famous person, or a philosophy that has influenced you. Of course, as you grow up, this statement could evolve, but its soul will remain the same. Now, write down your Mission Statement.

Aligning Your LIFE With Your Underlying Principle

The final step in this journey is to map your path to your ultimate purpose and to begin implementing changes that help to align your daily life with your underlying purpose. By making these little changes in your lifestyle, you will start to be able to begin living this principle out each and every day. It might take a few days, but by becoming aware and intentional of this underlying principle of your life, you will certainly start to feel the difference in your enthusiasm for life as a whole. If you realize that you love being amidst nature, plan out your holiday. Maybe an outing with your children could be enough to recoup with your energy. If you discover that you enjoy helping those in need, start to look for opportunities to volunteer in your community. On the other hand, you might even want to change your job, or start a new business that is more in line with your mission.

Read more

Build a Fortress For your Mind.

To combat the noise of the 21st century you must create a formidable fortress to defend and protect your own mental well-being and health. This fortress will become your philosophy of life, it will be impregnable. Though it will appear simple in its structure, the strength of the foundations will last eternity. But the labyrinth of your inner world will be yours to build, give stimulation to and improve upon as you age.

If you refuse responsibility for building your own personal mental fortress you will pay dearly in later life. For you will be always at the whims and mercy of others desires, most of whom do not have your best intentions.

Creating your own personal philosophy can be a hard process to master; it will often feel futile and leave you feeling lost and inadequate. This is why the code of the conqueror framework exists. It distils wisdom and knowledge of centuries into a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to achieving a life on your terms.

But to be of true value you must put your own stamp upon it. Without acknowledging this simple fact you will be forever stuck in the swamp of life with others clinging to you to remain where you are.

Your life is precious; you are worth more than a bit part in someone else’s novel. Make the effort to understand why you do what you do and how you can improve upon the foundations of the code to build your impregnable fortress, one that will endure your lifetime.

Everyone returns to their own truth, now it is time to find yours.

You are conqueror of your life, it is time to be who you were born to be, now rise, and face your day.

Code of the Conqueror – The Journey: A 21st Century Crusade For Self – Mastery

12 Steps To Conquering Happiness

Your past cannot be changed.

Opinions do not define you.

Smiles are contagious.

Things always get better with time.

Judgements are a confession of character.

Happiness is found within, not without.

Believe in karma, what goes around, comes around.

Kindness is free.

Overthinking leads to sadness, move on.

Positive thoughts create positive things.

You only fail if you quit, keep going, one step at a time.

Everyone’s journey is different, only you can choose your path.

Are you finally ready to set sail?

Julius Caesar - I came. I saw...

How many times are you going to hear your inner voice guiding you in the direction you should be taking, yet you continue to ignore or procrastinate making the actual effort to start anything? Only finding months later your ideas have taken shape through someone else’s effort, and even more frustrating the idea has become a success. These people are now looked upon with much recognition, but you know you had the thoughts first. Poor old you, if only you had taken action or voiced an opinion.

So how can you tell if the next tide is the right tide for you to set sail? There is only one solution, learn to listen to the person who knows you best… YOU.

And the only way this can be achieved is through silent contemplation, there is no other way.

With a little effort and patience your true inner voice will guide you in the right direction every time. That’s right every time. Can you imagine how successful your life would be if you made the right choices at the right time, simply by listening to yourself, instead of being led by others and doing what they want you to do.

So how do you know if you’re listening to the right inner voice? It’s true we all have many voices rattling around our minds on occasions. Often these are internalised voices from our past, people who have tried to help us or did their best to put us down; intentionally or unintentionally.

Yet these voices dominate our minds along with the daily media clutter; but that’s another story!

Some of these voices become part of our self-image and help form our values. Some of these voices are helpful, yet some remain negative, critical and over demanding. And if you ‘believe’ these negative voices and follow their direction they will rob you of reaching your true potential and deny you of so much pleasure. This is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of life.

Your task in conquering your own mind is to distinguish the critic within, which must be silenced at all cost, and the guide within which must be cultivated. Though you must always remain vigilant that your guide isn’t away with the fairies and leading you out on a full tide without a contingency plan and life raft.

Being able to listen and understand your inner voice, I believe, is the most important thing you will ever learn to do. Though it will take time, discipline and courage to achieve.

(Oops! Forgot to mention that part, always read the small print!)

As I stated at the beginning you are the only one who knows yourself best.

Your inner genius awaits, just listen and go with the flow.

#URConqueror is the self-development channel of Azuni World and created by Mark Weeks. Our mission in life is to help educate and motivate people to lead lives of true self-leadership.

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The Law of GOYA

It was legendary sales trainer Tommy Hopkins who first talked about The Law of GOYA, which simply stands for ‘Get Off Your Ass’.

Which of course is pretty self-explanatory, and in times of lethargy over the past fifteen years of my self-development obsession I’ve reminded myself more than once to take some form of action no matter how small on a daily basis. And though I’ve sometimes let myself down, I’ve always returned to pursue my passion of self-development and helping others to realise their true potential.

As a conqueror of your own mind you too will have to return to the fray on a daily basis, there are no shortcuts in achieving control of your life. Nothing can be achieved without self-responsibility, discipline and mindfulness to your daily thoughts.

Just find something, every single day that brings you one step closer to your goal and reward yourself for your valiant efforts, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

I’ve recently found this short piece by Wilhelm Reich hidden away on my laptop and feel the timing is right to share it with you. Please take a minute to read it and reflect on your own accountability. Without action we are destined to be lead by those who manipulate our thoughts. Without action there is no hope. All you have to do is shoulder the barest fraction of responsibility and the world could be a very different place, just go GOYA and make it your very own Universal Law!

Listen, Little Man! by Wilhelm Reich

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“It is the fate of great achievements, born from a way of life that sets truth before security, to be gobbled up by you and excreted in the form of shit. For centuries great, brave, lonely men have been telling you what to do. Time and again you have corrupted, diminished and demolished their teachings; time and again you have been captivated by their weakest points, taken not the great truth, but some trifling error as your guiding principle.

This, little man, is what you have done with Christianity, with the doctrine of sovereign people, with socialism, with everything you touch. Why, you ask, do you do this? I don’t believe you really want an answer. When you hear the truth you’ll cry bloody murder, or commit it. … You had your choice between soaring to superhuman heights with Nietzsche and sinking into subhuman depths with Hitler. You shouted Heil! Heil! and chose the subhuman. You had the choice between Lenin’s truly democratic constitution and Stalin’s dictatorship. You chose Stalin’s dictatorship.

You had your choice between Freud’s elucidation of the sexual core of your psychic disorders and his theory of cultural adaptation. You dropped the theory of sexuality and chose his theory of cultural adaptation, which left you hanging in mid-air.

You had your choice between Jesus and his majestic simplicity and Paul with his celibacy for priests and life-long compulsory marriage for yourself. You chose the celibacy and compulsory marriage and forgot the simplicity of Jesus’ mother, who bore her child for love and love alone. You had your choice between Marx’s insight into the productivity of your living labor power, which alone creates the value of commodities and the idea of the state.

You forgot the living energy of your labor and chose the idea of the state. In the French Revolution, you had your choice between the cruel Robespierre and the great Danton. You chose cruelty and sent greatness and goodness to the guillotine.

In Germany you had your choice between Goring and Himmler on the one hand and Liebknecht, Landau, and Muhsam on the other. You made Himmler your police chief and murdered your great friends. You had your choice between Julius Streicher and Walter Rathenau. You murdered Rathenau. You had your choice between Lodge and Wilson. You murdered Wilson.

You had your choice between the cruel Inquisition and Galileo’s truth. You tortured and humiliated the great Galileo, from whose inventions you are still benefiting, and now, in the twentieth century, you have brought the methods of the Inquisition to a new flowering. …

Every one of your acts of smallness and meanness throws light on the boundless wretchedness of the human animal. ‘Why so tragic?’ you ask. ‘Do you feel responsible for all evil?’ With remarks like that you condemn yourself. If, little man among millions, you were to shoulder the barest fraction of your responsibility, the world would be a very different place. Your great friends wouldn’t perish, struck down by your smallness.”

~ Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man!

Make today the day your small ripples turn into waves, after all #URConqueror of your destiny.

Posted by Mark Weeks

#URConqueror is the self-development channel of Azuni World and created by Mark Weeks. Our mission in life is to help inspire and motivate people to lead a life of true self-leadership.

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Don’t Say You Never Had A Chance

Today’s short post comes courtesy of The Napoleon Hill Foundation on developing a Positive Mental Attitude.If you don’t know what you want, don’t say you never had a chance.

The people who complain the loudest about never having an opportunity in life are usually the ones who always have a ready excuse for their failures. Nothing is ever their fault; they are victims of their heritage, their environment, insufficient education, or any number of other factors that they perceive as placing them at a disadvantage.

If you look hard enough, you can always find reasons for not attempting something or not sticking with the job to the end.

Successful people, though, are not excuse-makers. They take responsibility for their actions, they set goals, and they assume responsibility for their achievement. Where others see despair, they see hope.

​They approach every situation with enthusiasm, confident in the knowledge that nothing is impossible for those who have a Positive Mental Attitude.

Napoleon Hill

Rise of the Conqueror – Change will come (With audio version)

Listen to the audio)

Onwards and upwards. Your journey has just begun.

Do not hurry. Breathe in life, breathe in the day. Slow and gentle. Change will come soon enough of its own accord.

All around you is energy, everything, even the most solid of objects emanate energy. You are energy too. Use energy wisely.

Appreciate the pain in your life and appreciate the sorrow from your eternal spring. Life will soon change and you will soar once more.

Refine and improve the quality of your thoughts. As a conqueror you have little to fear from the world.

A poor man though always suffers from lack. This attitude only serves to awaken endless desires, be they of the flesh, money or power. Being inflamed with desire will inevitably wear out his mind, body and spirit and will succumb to a sleep walking death in the middle of his life. The whole world will appear pitted against him and make for a sorrowful existence.

The world is always changing. Everything is in a state of flux. Like a flowing river, you will never step in the same place twice.

The river of yesterday is not the same river today.

Everyone grows older. Everyone decays. It is life. Accept it. Go with the flow. Just breathe.

Understand and embrace the essence of change, of life and all it endeavours to do to destroy the equilibrium in you.

We hold onto things in an effort to find happiness and comfort. It is wrongful.

We cling with all our might to hold onto things that are past their time. Let go. You cannot control everything.

Love and let go. Don’t let others own your happiness. Adapt and overcome. Be you.

We don’t have control over life, people or time.

From today, embrace change. It is not painful, only resistance to change is.

Change is no longer our enemy but our teacher.

Now, rise and face your day.

You are conqueror of your life.

Giving Hope to the Martyr in you

By Mark Weeks

What self-imposed stresses are you dumping on yourself at this moment in time?
And maybe more to the point, why are you being a martyr?

You may not believe it for now, but you really can limit the negative stresses of life if you would only give yourself a flipping break and listen to the person who knows you best, YOU.  And what’s more these changes can last.

Okay you might not be in the mood right now to agree, but lets ask a few probing questions and see how you respond.

Are you continuing to do what you’ve always done and expect different results to miraculously appear?

Are you doing work you no longer enjoy but feel compelled to do?

Are you stuck in an unloving relationship that makes you feel like a second class citizen? Why are you putting up with the frosty silence, rejection after rejection and constant put downs? Are you waiting for a sudden glimpse of love to string you along for another week; for now and then it will appear.

It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me anything, I’m just pleased you’re still reading, after all, the mirror says more than enough every time you dare make eye contact with yourself.

Unfortunately you feel alone and even more unfortunate you are not ready to change a damn thing with your life. You will continue to tolerate, endure and hope life will improve eventually.

The new job, or the pay rise and loving relationship will all turn up if you just endure the stress for a few more months, that’s all it will take… just a few more months. Without sounded conceited, we both know the answer.

​You know you’re lying to yourself, and that’s fine if it helps, life is a constant battle of tricking that little negative voice in our heads. But we have to be realistic too, and unfortunately the lies mean you haven’t reached rock bottom, yet.

You still feel you have to keep up the pretence of being happy, after all everyone else is right? The continuing barrage of ‘happy selfies and happy couples’ pics on social media prove it!

Let me state the obvious, you really are kidding yourself if you believe denying yourself happiness and enduring a poor quality of life is the key to future happiness. I am living proof that major life changes can work out for the best, though it represents the most painful of experiences you will have to face.

Personally I am a great believer in deferring instant gratification and enduring a little more hardship for a bigger return. But sometimes we simply have to face the truth, and that is, if after years of working at a job, relationship or certain skill you’re still undervalued, unappreciated and incompetent, then it’s time to call it a day!

The sad truth is… you’ve conformed, you’re suffering from ‘have-to-itis’, there I’ve said it, someone had to tell you!

You feel you have to do this you have to do that and you have to endure years of unhappiness.

And so the pattern continues; the stress builds and builds, the debts mount and mount, alcohol feels like a solution and becomes a crutch to lean on; though it eases the pain for another day of conformity. Yet the martyr in you remains justified and resilient.

I started writing this piece to lift your spirits and fill your day with my usual positive vibe, but as I type I seemed to have strayed from my earlier preparation as I feel the nagging pain of those still stuck in a life they feel compelled to live, one where tiptoeing safely to death seems to be the only viable option.

So what is the solution?

I think I hear you mutter under your breath. Well, my diagnosis at this moment in time is… there isn’t one for you. Sorry. But come on did you really I think I can help you find your own truth. Only you know YOU.

​Let’s face it, you’ve yet to reach rock bottom and more frustratingly YOU probably enjoy the wanting of a new life far more than having one.

As strange as it may sound you seem to prefer the rush of endorphins – the internal drug cocktail – that is released when you want something, to the set which is released when you achieve something! Which I guess is understandable, as change is bloody scary and your little martyr voice urges you to persist!

Of course there is hope, there always is. But you have to be ready mentally and you have to want it more than anything else in life. And until that moment when you recognise the martyr in you is actually crying out for help, and wants nothing more than to hand over responsibility and ownership of your life back to YOU, things won’t change.

Now maybe you will continue your day as much as you did yesterday and the day before. But lets just say, that maybe together we have scratched a scar that has started itching. And that itch needs a itching, right? Well if that’s the case please reach out to my friend Joe Barnes, author, speaker and life coach, he is far more qualified than me to guide you away from the path of martyrdom and onto freedom. Either dip straight into his book, Escape The System, sign up to his newsletter or join him on FaceBook. Whatever you do please do something today, that’s the key, do it now! You will never know where one little itch can lead

​And finally…you’re not on this earth to be the torturer of your own mind, you are not here to merely exist, you have as much right as anyone else to be what you want to be.

You are Conqueror of your world. Now listen to your heart.

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