#URConqueror is the self-development channel of Azuni World and created by Mark Weeks. Our goal is to help inspire and motivate others to follow their passions in life through the power of self-leadership.

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Mark Weeks

Mark Weeks

‘I am not special in any way. I do not possess some magic crystal that contains the secrets of the cosmos. I am not a guru or psychologist. The truth be told: no one has all the answers anyway. For most of my adult life has been spent building new homes, mostly hands on in the mud and muck of the construction world. But there is no such thing as a perfect life.

All I know is it saddens me to see people wasting their lives by being sucked into the world of media and dictated to live a life they were not born to have to live.

I simply want to relate to you what I’ve learned and help you apply it in your daily lives. This is by no means a solo project and hope through the power of mutuality we can support and encourage each other to be the best we can through our Tribe of Conquerors.’ ~ Mark Weeks founder of #URConqueror

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