Discovering Your True North: 5 Ways to Find Your Personal Principles

By Conqueror Team

A set of guiding principles provides a compass for our lives, shaping our choices, goals, and the pathways we opt to take. Our personal principles help to tether us to our authentic selves, acting as a compass that keeps us grounded, directs our decisions, and can be a lifeboat when the stormy seas of life threaten to overwhelm us. By truly understanding our personal principles and defining them, we are one step closer to living our lives with greater clarity, purpose, and fulfilment. In this blog post, we will explore five insightful ways you can find and embrace your personal principles and use them to navigate life’s journey.

Reflect on your past experiences and their lessons

Life is a journey filled with experiences that naturally align with our personal principles or challenge them. Reflect on your moments of pride, inherent decisions, and actions that have exemplified who you are at your core. Similarly, consider the instances where you’ve grappled with decisions and ultimately arrived at a choice that felt true to your character. Begin to recognize patterns in your life, as these recurring themes can help you shape a set of guiding principles that have been with you all along.

Engage in introspection

Self-reflection is a vital part of understanding our personal principles. Set aside regular time to inquire into your thoughts, feelings, and values, using journaling or mindfulness practices to encourage honest self-expression. Make note of your beliefs, passions, and purpose, as these are often directly tied to your fundamental principles. Write down your findings and distil them into a list of core values that resonate with you.

Look to your mentors or role models

We often admire others who exemplify the principles we hold dear. These mentors or role models can be friends, family members, colleagues, public figures, or leaders in various fields. Sift through their life choices, habits, and philosophies to identify common principles that resonate with you. Reflect on why you value these aspects in others and how they align with your beliefs, serving as crucial components to your personal set of principles.

Evaluate your choices and decision-making process

Becoming more aware of your decision-making process is an effective way to unearth your personal principles. First, consider how you approach decisions, whether it’s an intuitive, emotional, or rational process. Then, when faced with significant decisions, pause and identify the principles guiding your choice. By connecting your principles to your decision-making process, you reinforce your commitment to upholding them in your life.

Seek feedback from others

Sometimes, we need an external perspective to recognize our guiding principles. Engage in meaningful conversations with people who know you well—family, friends, or colleagues—regarding their perception of your principles. This insight can provide valuable feedback on how consistently you embody these principles and may even reveal aspects of your character that weren’t initially apparent to you. Analyse this feedback, and reflect on how it aligns with your self-assessment and understanding of your personal principles.

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