People to Avoid When You Feel Depressed

By Conqueror Team

Everyone has their own way of dealing with depression. Sometimes it is helpful to talk about it with a trusted friend or family member, but other times it is better to stay away from certain people in order to maintain a positive frame of mind. Knowing which people can be detrimental when you’re feeling down can be the difference between feeling better or worse. Let’s explore who we should avoid when dealing with depression.

The Pessimists

Pessimists are the people who always seem to be looking at life in the worst possible way. Their conversations and interactions contain negative beliefs, doubts and worries that can bring your mood down even further. If someone is constantly talking about how bad things are and how nothing ever works out, they are probably not going to be very helpful when it comes to lifting your spirits. Instead of seeking out these types of people, focus on those who have a more positive outlook on life and are willing to help you find yours again.

The Perfectionists

We all know that person who always seems to have everything together and never makes any mistakes—the perfectionist. They may be well-intentioned but if you’re struggling with depression, this could make matters worse as they will set an unrealistic bar for yourself that no one can reach. Rather than comparing yourself to them, focus on your own journey and celebrate any small wins throughout the process. Doing so will help you see that no one is perfect and that there is beauty in imperfection.

The Critics

When we’re already feeling down, all we need is someone telling us what we’re doing wrong or “constructively criticizing” our efforts – right? Wrong! The last thing we need when dealing with depression is someone pointing out our flaws and making us feel even worse about ourselves. Find supportive people instead—those who understand what you’re going through, listen without judging and offer constructive advice without being critical of your efforts or decisions. These kinds of relationships are essential for managing depression effectively.


Recognizing which people may cause us harm when we feel depressed is key in managing our mental health effectively. Though some might feel like they have good intentions by providing criticism or pessimistic views on life, these types of interactions will only drag our moods lower than before – something that isn’t helpful during such a challenging time period in our lives! Therefore, while seeking support from others during times of distress is important, it’s equally important to recognize which types of people are beneficial in helping us manage our emotions more effectively while also avoiding those who may cause more harm than good.

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