What Are The Health Benefits Of CBD?

By Conqueror Team

Did you know that most cannabidiol (CBD) oil manufacturers claim that CBD products are effective remedies for anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation and sleep disturbances? For instance, Epidiolex is an FDA-approved CBD product for epilepsy. While there are no substantial clinical trials to substantiate the claims of CBD health benefits, products such as marijuana (which contains moderate amounts of CBD) have been shown to significantly improve quality of life. There has been a growing interest in both physical and mental well-being, with an increasing number of people interested in plant-based alternatives to conventional Western medicine. Following this wellness trend, interest in CBD oil has increased significantly.

Article Summary: This informative article includes information about the health benefits of CBD. You will learn the applications and positive effects CBD can have on a 21st-century lifestyle.

What do Global Statistics say About CBD?

Global statistics show that the US CBD industry was conservatively projected to reach $16 billion by 2005. Currently, manufacturers are already adding CBD plant extract to breath sprays, toothpicks, and cheeseburgers. Research on the extract’s application has shown that over 60% of users take it to relieve anxiety. Others are taking it to relieve depression, and chronic pain, and to treat insomnia. Cannabis, however, is still making controversial headlines in the field of health and wellness. As the industry continues to flourish, more doctors, scientists and, indeed, the general public are experiencing the benefits of CBD oil. The current positive trend shows that CBD will likely become federally regulated in the near future.

Here are five of the benefits of CBD:

  1. Pain Management

CBD oil is an effective pain reliever. The human body features a natural endocannabinoid system that regulates one’s appetite, sleep, pain response, and immune system. This system responds to neurotransmitters binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. CBD oil helps reduce chronic pain by influencing the activities of these receptors, thus reducing inflammation.

  1. Boosting Brain Health

Research by the Alzheimer’s Association suggests that there will be approximately 14 million Americans suffering from this neurodegenerative disease by 2050. CBD oil is an excellent remedy for dementia and Alzheimer’s, because it reduces inflammation, and prevents free radical damage thus protecting brain cells from damage and facilitating the generation of new ones. This may also explain why CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst patients with seizures.

  1. Helpful Treatment For Hypertension

New research conducted in 2020 has shown that CBD is an effective natural treatment for blood pressure and boosts overall heart health. CBD oil reduces stroke volume and resting systolic hypertension for people exposed to stress. The extract has anxiety-lowering properties so it also indirectly reduces blood pressure, therefore, resulting in improved heart health. Finally, CBD oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help prevent heart-related diseases.

  1. Useful  For Anxiety And Insomnia

CBD oil is a safe treatment for anxiety and sleeplessness. The product acts on serotonin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to social and mood behaviour. CBD acts as an antidepressant but is of natural origin rather than synthetic.

Please note it is best to be careful about how CBD oil is used for anxiety – some evidence shows CBD traces might reverse the desired treatment outcomes and, instead, raise the level of anxiety.

  1. Cancer Symptom Alleviation

CBD oil is said to treat some of the symptoms of cancer, such as pain and nausea. Patients undergoing chemotherapy can also use CBD oil which often reduces the chemo’s side effects, especially nausea.

Bottom Line:

CBD extracts have numerous health benefits. However, you should always ensure that you consult with your doctor before taking them for treatment purposes as it may have significant drug interactions or unwanted side effects for your particular condition.

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