How to Exercise During Your Period

By Conqueror Team

If you have ever had a period, you know how it affects everything. From your sleep quality to appetite and from oil production in your skin to your mental health. The phase you are in determines your mood, and exercising during those phases can be challenging at times. During your period, your uterus sheds its lining. Progesterone and estrogen hormone levels are low, making you feel sad and perhaps tired. You will also experience stomach cramps, and you might consider skipping your gym sessions.

However, exercising during your period has several benefits, such as combating PMS, boosting your mood, easing menstrual cramps, and enhancing blood circulation. You don’t have to do the hardcore exercises during this time of the month, since there are several low impact exercises well-suited for menstruating bodies.

Exercises You Can Do During Your Period

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a great way of easing your period symptoms, and the best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. You can put on your sweats and leggings and have a cup of tea nearby, while you exercise at your own pace. Gentle stretches can help provide relief and allow you to build strength and flexibility. You can try activities such as the knee-to-chest pose, cat pose, or the child pose. As you exercise, avoid inversions and twists because they can be uncomfortable. If you are new to yoga, you can use resources such as YouTube or online yoga journals to find the best poses that relieve period symptoms.

  1. Walking

Walking is something most of us do every day, and it is considered an aerobic activity. You can take a brisk walk or go to the grocery store. Walking increases blood flow in the pelvis, which can help relieve cramps. Keep in mind that going to the kitchen to take a midnight snack is not considered a workout. Additionally, make sure you stay hydrated during the stroll by drinking lots of water.

  1. Light Aerobic Exercises

The emphasis here is on “light exercises.” For instance, having a slow freestyle swim or taking a scenic bike ride will help your body release endorphins, which will help improve your mood and soothe your cramps as they act like a natural “painkiller.” Just like walking, light aerobics will soothe your cramps by increasing blood circulation in your pelvis area.

  1. Running

Running can help in easing pain and reducing PMS symptoms. However, be mindful not to overdo it, especially when you are feeling shaky.

  1. Lift weights

You might feel stronger and more tolerant to pain towards the end of your period, which makes it an ideal time to try strength training. You can do a bit of arm or leg work or go through your regular weight lifting exercises. If you are not used to lifting weights, you can try out the weight machine at the gym. Avoid any moves that will put a strain on your back or stomach, because they will be more uncomfortable during this time of the month.

What Should You Do About Leakage?

If you are worried about leakage during your exercise, wear an absorbent towel that molds to your body shape. If you use tampons or menstrual cups, you can add a panty liner for better protection. It is also recommended that you take a shower and change both your underwear and protection after exercising to avoid any menstrual odor.

If you experience an heavy flow, you can stay active through exercises such as taking a brisk walk or riding a bike. If you decide to work out at home, concentrate on downward-facing moves that can relieve menstrual cramps.

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