Working Out As a Form of Meditation

By Conqueror Team

Meditation might not be what you assume it to be. It may perhaps not be as complicated as you think. The most significant aspect of meditation is a mindful perspective. You may build this mindset regardless of your activities, and you can even meditate while exercising. Most people associate meditation with the Buddha, gongs, candles, chanting monks, and experienced yogis stretched into complicated seating poses.

Active meditation is the technique of witnessing your feelings and thoughts while doing something else. You may practise active meditation while preparing a cup of coffee or going for a daily run by just being aware of, without attachment, the sensations in your body, the stimuli in your environment, and any thoughts or feelings you are experiencing.

Meditating while walking

Start with a basic, ordinary activity like walking to learn to meditate while exercising. Walking meditation teaches you how to be aware while doing something you already know, but it might be more difficult to begin meditating during more complicated activities. Pay attention to your environment and the sensations in your body. Begin walking, noticing how your feet meet the ground, how your legs move, and how your arms work together to carry you ahead. Relax the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and neck. Enjoy the sensation of movement. When you’re comfortable with walking meditation, you may apply what you’ve learned to other types of exercise.

Body scan

Body scanning is a method that people use when exercising to calm their minds and focus on their bodies. Fundamentally, meditators mentally check each bodily area for tension or pain. They take a few deep breaths where muscles are stiff or joints hurt, enabling tension to relax. A body scan is especially useful when stretching at the start and finish of more intensive activities.


Another meditation practice that may be used while exercising is breathwork. Swimmers, weight lifters, bicyclists, and burpee performers can concentrate on how their breath enters and exits their bodies, expanding the abdomen and carrying oxygen throughout.

Combining exercise and meditation may be the ideal balance of body and mind. It combines the stress-relieving effects of meditation with the health benefits of exercise to generate a sense of well-being that pervades all aspects of life.

While exercise increases circulation and enhances brain function, meditation relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system while boosting the region of the brain that handles analysis and judgement. People who meditate while exercising feel more at ease for the rest of the day.

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