Warm Water Bathing To Reduce Mental Stress

by Tonny Wandella

A decent bath may be considered a small luxury now and then, but it actually has scientifically established benefits for your mental health.  Hot baths are also thought to be particularly transformational since they warm us up. Increased body temperature at night aids in the synchronisation of our natural circadian rhythms, resulting in enhanced sleep patterns, quality of sleep, and general well-being.

There are also other substances you may use to assist reduce tension even more and produce a more relaxing experience during bathing. There are an endless number of combinations and methods to help you relax and unwind, from using Epsom salt for anxiety to making a bath salt recipe with dead sea salt.

Taking a bath has been shown in studies to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of your body necessary for relaxation. As your nervous system adjusts to the warming impact of the water surrounding you, you start to feel less stressed. A bath can actually compel your body to adjust how it handles anxiety if you are feeling anxious.

A warm bath could also help with breathing. The warmth of the water and the pressure on your chest expand your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Passive heating, such as spending time in a sauna, has been demonstrated in a growing body of studies to reduce the chance of having a heart attack, improve blood sugar control, and even assist lower blood pressure.

Many patients with chronic conditions experience depression and despair. Hot baths can bring physical comfort and contentment, as well as help alleviate the melancholy associated with chronic pain. This is because a warm bath can even help with the discomfort and pain of tight muscles, strains, sprains, and osteoarthritis.

As you can see, bathing is more than simply a way to keep ourselves clean; it can also help us reduce our mental and physical stress. Other useful techniques for being mentally sharp and at ease can be found in our online course. To get started, simply click here.

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