Proven Helpful Tips When You Are Under Extreme Stress

By Tonny Wandella

Stressful events are a common part of life, and the stress reaction is a survival mechanism that prepares us to adapt to dangers. When a stressor is unpleasant and cannot be resisted or avoided, such as layoffs at work or a loved one’s medical crisis, or when the feeling of stress becomes persistent, our biological reactions to stress can affect our physical and mental health.

Fortunately, there are several evidence-based strategies available to assist in combating the detrimental impacts of stress in healthy ways. Here are a few examples.

Get physical

Brisk activity not only improves sleep but also combats stress. Working individuals who participated in moderate physical exercise can have half the reported stress as working adults who did not participate. Physical exercise may help counteract some of the harmful impacts of stress, such as the immune system’s response to stress. Increasing physical exercise does not have to be expensive or difficult: A 30-minute stroll or a dancing session in the living room can help.

Reframe your thoughts

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is one of the most well-studied therapies for stress and anxiety. The concept that our thoughts impact our emotions, which in turn drive our behaviours, is at the heart of this treatment method. Reframing your thinking about a stressor can help you regulate your emotions and reduce stress. Some pointers: Stop and redirect your thoughts if you find yourself picturing worst-case situations. Set reasonable goals for yourself. Strive for acceptance of situations over which you have no control.

Spend some time outside in nature.

Several studies undertaken in several nations have demonstrated that green space boosts mood. When compared to movies of metropolitan landscapes, even nature videos might hasten the recovery from stress. Taking a minute to appreciate nature, even if it is in the shape of a crowded metropolitan park, may help you concentrate and relax your thoughts.

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