Games That Will Help Your Memory

By Conqueor Team

Improving your short-and long-term memory can not only boost your productivity at work but can also influence your decision-making and organisational skills. Improved memory can also aid in stress reduction, which can improve your performance and overall happiness at work. Improving your memory takes time and regular brain exercise.

In this article, we’ll talk about memory games and how you can use them to improve your memory, as well as other brain-boosting tips. Memory games are a fun way to exercise your mind while improving your memory. The brain, like our bodies, requires regular use to stay healthy and sharp. Memory games challenge the mind and aid in the growth and expansion of grey matter in our brains, which influences memory. Here are a few of these brain-training games.

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are excellent brain training games because they require you to use both the left and right sides of your brain at the same time. They also strengthen the connections between brain cells, which increases mental speed and short-term memory. Jigsaw puzzles also improve visual-spatial reasoning because you must examine the individual pieces and determine where they fit into the overall picture.


Sudoku can help you remember things better and stimulate other parts of your brain. To complete this game, you must keep a range of numbers in your head while mentally placing them in one of the nine grid spaces.
This game heavily relies on working memory to memorise the numbers and then logical thinking to fill in the blanks. Sudoku can help to improve concentration and problem-solving skills because it requires players to think strategically and creatively to solve problems. Players learn to make decisions and act with less hesitancy.


Chess was created to be a mentally demanding and intellectually challenging game. To fully analyse the board and devise a strategy for each move, it is necessary to rely on short-term memory. You will also need to anticipate your opponent’s moves and ensure that each move helps you achieve your end goal. This action activates your long-term memory, so you’re working both sides of your brain in a cyclical pattern.

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