How to Increase Your Photographic Memory (Eidetic memory)

By Tonny Wandella

An extremely vivid memory with high recall potential is known as an eidetic memory. This straightforward explanation does not, however, imply that those with eidetic memory really recall everything. That is the widespread misconception that vacuous television shows and rumours propagate. Eidetic memory simply refers to the ability to recall numerous details in great detail. It’s not a memory like a camera.

You are essentially either born with photographic memory or you are not. Even many people who assert to have “photographic memory” do not truly possess it. The majority of scientists agree that it happens in about 1% of the entire population. But the good news is here! There are several excellent steps you may do if you’re interested in improving your memory.

Eat More Omega-3s

You’re probably well aware of the extraordinary advantages of the oils found in fatty fish, such as salmon or sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids are well known for lowering blood pressure and inflammation. However, did you know that these fish can also benefit your brain? Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in a recent study from Harvard Medical School to stop memory loss.

Drink coffee

Most likely, you already practise this one. The Radiological Society of North America found that drinking just two cups of coffee a day can improve short-term memory. Therefore, if you aren’t drinking the recommended 16 ounces of coffee every day, you should start right now.

Consume A Lot Of Choline

Numerous studies have shown that the nutrient choline (note: not chlorine) will significantly improve short-term memory. In one study, college students who consumed choline fared better on a later memory test than those who didn’t. Consider eating some eggs to ensure that your diet has adequate choline. There is 115mg of it in each yolk. These are only a few pointers for developing a photographic memory. Our online course offers a lot of material on more. Start now to find out more about boosting your memory power.

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