Daily Techniques to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

By Tonny Wandella

The way we handle each day determines whether or not we have successful and fulfilling lives. You must maintain an advantage over the competition if you want to advance. Coming from behind and leading is impossible. Grit, a good start, remaining organised, and consistency are the keys to success. You need to strike a good balance across your personal and professional lives if you want to thrive.
Here are a few practical tips for staying on top and growing into a leader, controller, and decider of your success trajectory.

Nobody is Perfect.

Clarity, simplicity, and perfection are not intended for business. Whatever errors you make are essential and acceptable if you have been giving it your all. Every error you make while giving it your all becomes a priceless teaching moment intended for your own development. Making errors helps you learn from them and advance your knowledge and experience. Everyone makes errors. Take it in stride, consider what went wrong, come up with a plan to fix it, and then rectify yourself.

Start Right Now.

When defining goals or strategies at the beginning of a new quarter, do everything you can to gain a head start. If you put in an additional effort at the start, you may approach the quarter’s finish with confidence that your goals will be fulfilled or exceeded. As opposed to starting slowly and worrying about whether you will achieve your numbers or reach your goals, starting strong allows you to cruise to the finish line with less stress.

Schedule Relaxing Time.

Nothing brings greater delight than putting forth the effort to achieve your objectives. You won’t, however, have the necessary time away from your job to truly appreciate it if your life is all work and no leisure. You need free time to keep in touch with the motivations behind your goals and to get perspective on the advantages of the work you perform every day. Enjoy the journey. Love what you are doing, go on vacation, socialise, and spend time and energy on the people you care about. Enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for.

Be Realistic.

You don’t come into the world with a limitless supply of time, energy, self-assurance, or brilliance. Throughout life, and occasionally even within a single day, these things wax and wane. Unexpected events frequently occur in business. Know your limitations, and abide by them. If you always feel like you’re falling short because you lack the time or the abilities necessary to become the person you want to be, you will never be successful. Under this stress, you’ll exhaust yourself. Learn to take imperfect steps toward success. Success requires room to grow, just like any other virtue.

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