Exercises For Relieving Hip Pain and Improving Mobility

By Tonny Wandella

Hip pain is a frequent issue that may be quite uncomfortable. Hip discomfort can have a variety of reasons, such as tendinitis, bursitis, and arthritis. The underlying reason for hip pain frequently affects the course of treatment. For instance, medication or surgery may be used to relieve hip discomfort brought on by arthritis. Rest, ice, and physical therapy are effective treatments for bursitis and tendonitis. Hip discomfort may occasionally go away on its own. However, if the pain is severe or does not go away, it is crucial to contact a doctor.

Before doing any of the activities listed below, those who have recently undergone a hip replacement should speak with a doctor or physical therapist.

External Hip Rotation

In order to do external hip rotations:

Place both of your legs forward while sitting on the floor.

The knees should be bent, and the feet’s soles should be pressed together.

With one hand on top of each knee, gently lower them both to the ground. Knees should be pushed till they stretch, but you shouldn’t push them any farther than is comfortable.

After ten seconds of holding the stretch, release it.

Stretch five to ten times more.

Double Hip Rotation

To carry out two hip rotations at once:

Lay back down fully. Once the feet are flat on the floor, bend the knees and pull them toward the torso.

Knees should be lowered to the floor while being gently rotated to the left. While maintaining the shoulders pressed on the floor, turn the head to the right.

For 20 to 30 seconds, maintain this posture.

Bring your knees and head back to your starting position gradually.

Replicate on the other side.

Hip Flexion

Hip flexions are carried out as follows:

Remain erect.

Hold on to a solid object for support, such as a wall, table, or chair, then extend one arm out to the side.

Maintaining a straight left leg, slowly elevate the right knee as high as it feels comfortable, or to the level of the hip.

The left foot should only remain in this posture for a brief while before returning to the floor.

Do the same with your left knee.

Do this exercise 5 to 10 times.

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