Top Qualities of a Good Trainer: Expert Opinion

Sofia Green

Whether you conduct online or offline training, its success depends on many factors, like the quality of learning material, an understanding of the audience, relevance to the training and job needs, etc. However, there is a secret ingredient to effective training which is often underestimated – a trainer’s professionalism. This is a set of professional qualities of a good trainer which empowers them to communicate knowledge, support learners, and take responsibility for the result.

In this article, you’ll find insights into how to be a good trainer from these three experts. Read it now or bookmark this material for future reference.

The Core Qualities of a Good Trainer

Before you dive into the six core qualities of an effective corporate trainer and reflect on them with our guests, you can test yourself a little with the checklist below. It contains the traits that we’ll examine in this article. See if you tick all the boxes! It’s OK if some of them are empty so far – feel free to skip to the ones you need and get ideas on how to improve them.

They are effective facilitators

Training is not the same as didactic teaching. It is the learners’ needs, peculiarities, and objectives that trainers have in focus – not giving lectures from textbooks. They guide learners on how to accomplish training objectives, notice group dynamics and learners’ progress, and manage the training event. That’s facilitation.

Roy Pollock, Chief Learning Officer at The 6Ds Company, emphasizes that good trainers are more than just a “sage on the stage,” and that they should operate with a learner-centered approach.

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