The Power of Beetroot

​By Tonny Wandella

Beets are high in nitrates, which are natural compounds. Your body converts nitrates into nitric oxide via a chain reaction, which improves blood flow and blood pressure. According to some studies, beet juice can increase stamina, enhance blood flow, and aid lower blood pressure.

One cup of raw beets contains 58 calories and 13 grammes of carbs. Because of how it is prepared, a cup of beet juice contains approximately 100 calories and 25 grammes of carbs. Beets are high in folate, potassium, vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants, and nitrates. Spinach, radishes, lettuce, celery, and Chinese cabbage are also high in nitrates.

According to research, drinking beet juice may be beneficial to your health. This is how.
As per a 2011 study, nitrates can assist boost blood flow to your brain and decrease cognitive loss in older persons. Brain MRIs revealed increased blood flow in the frontal lobes when subjects received a high-nitrate meal that contained beet juice. The frontal lobes are linked to cognitive thought and behaviour. More research is needed, but a high-nitrate diet has the potential to help prevent or slow dementia.
Beet juice is minimal in calories and almost fat-free. It’s an excellent addition to your morning smoothie. It will provide you with a vitamin and energy boost as you begin your day.

The colour of beets is derived from betalains, which are water-soluble antioxidants. A 2016 study found that betalains have chemopreventive properties against certain cancer cell lines.

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