How To Cultivate A Sense Of Gratitude In Yourself

By Tonny Wandella

Because of its evident truth and pleasant feel, grateful individuals are happier—this seems like wisdom you’d see on a bumper sign, yet research on gratitude backs up this statement. It can be a fantastic feeling if someone does anything for you which fills your heart with thankful feelings of warmth.

The following are tried-and-true methods for increasing gratitude in your life and relationships. Some of them are easy activities that you can undertake on your own for a one-time burst of happiness, while others are activities that may be done on a daily basis to improve your mood. One or two of them are big gestures you’ll remember for a long time. Whatever you’re looking for, think about the following ideas and see how they can help you live a happier life.

Be Wary of Making Comparisons

Envy may strike anyone at any time—someone receives a position we thought we were destined for, someone has the “ideal” relationship or amazingly well-behaved children we’ve always wished for, or someone just appears to always have what we’re striving for (and not receiving) in our own lives. Those who are prone to envy usually compare the worst aspects of their own life to the finest aspects of another’s—we rarely wish to trade complete lives with others, but rather wish we had that one item that they have that would make us much complete. Alternatively, we compare their finest day, quality, or situation to our worst.

Most of us are aware of the importance of thanking those who assist us or discreetly acknowledging the things for which we are grateful. As previously said, gratitude has been connected to a variety of benefits, like strengthening your immune system or improving sleep patterns, feeling positive and feeling more pleasure and joy, being more helping and generous, and being less lonely and isolated, according to study.

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