Three Tips to Help Your Child Foster A Growth Mindset

By Tonny Wandella

School stress is in overdrive, but if you and your children keep a positive attitude, you as well as your child will be able to get through it worry-free! If your child has difficulty learning, assist in moulding him or her into an improved version of themselves by examining their thinking or mindset, so they may succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

You must assist your child in developing a “growth mentality” for them to achieve and thrive. It’s when an individual perceives that through determination and hard work, they can overcome difficult problems.  They face their challenges full-on, try to learn, and therefore do not fear failure. When a youngster with such a growth mindset struggles with a mathematics problem, for example, they learn from mistakes and continue trying till they get it correctly.

A “fixed mindset,” on the other hand, is when a person thinks that their character, intelligence, and talents are unchangeable. When someone with a closed mind makes an error, they frequently perceive it as a failure rather than a chance to learn. For example, a child who is having difficulty with a math problem may become irritated and give up since they do not believe they are intelligent enough to do it correctly.

The Importance of a Growth Mindset When It Comes to Learning

A growth mindset is critical to a child’s development since it enables them to learn to cope with difficult events and apply that information to future scenarios. Pupils with a growth mentality outperform others with a fixed mindset because they are more willing to learn and develop their skills.

Helping Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

Encourage an optimistic outlook on problems:

When something gets in the way of a child with a fixed mindset, they tend to give up. Your child will grow and understand they can accomplish anything if they put their minds to it if you have a more optimistic attitude on the problem.

Allow your youngster to reflect on a difficult situation for some time:

They can learn from mistakes and create ideas to better next time by analyzing how they handled the challenge they had and overcame previously.

Teach your youngster to compete against themselves:

Having the perspective that we are competing against ourselves is the only way to achieve personal accomplishment. Every day, we should strive to be the best versions of ourselves than the day before.

Your youngster will have the necessary tools in any situation if you assist them to shift from a fixed perspective to a growth mindset.

The mindsets of students and how they view their skills have an impact on their potential to achieve. Regrettably, many teachers have misinterpreted the concept of development mindset and introduced a fake growth mentality accidentally. As a parent, you may also help your children develop a growth mindset, which will benefit them in the long term.

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