Code of the Conqueror

Excerpt from Code of the Conqueror – the forthcoming book by Mark Weeks. It presents a simple fable, based on simple truths, that far too many of us are eager to ignore until the time is right or too late.

‘It has never been done before,’ says Fear scornfully.

‘And?’ Questions the Conqueror.

‘So it will never be done in the future.’


‘You are far too brash,’ chimes in humility, ‘there are names for those such as yourself.’

‘Maybe,’ replies the Conqueror calmly.

‘The place for those with your upbringing must always remain the same, otherwise…’

‘I lived my life long before you all entered it!’

‘You was young and reckless back then. You didn’t know what you was doing,’ Reason abruptly added.

‘Maybe,’ laughed the Conqueror, ‘but I have never lost my child’s heart.’

Sniggering to themselves, Fear, Humility and Reason turn to Father Time, who raises a mirror in line with the Conqueror’s face.

‘Look!’ Shouts Fear. ‘So you think you are still young? Your time has come and gone, you didn’t make the most of your life. You are closer to death than birth you fool.’

Fate suddenly appears and points to the dark looming clouds on the horizon, ‘Now there’s a storm coming, you cannot withstand it. You know in your heart how your story ends.’

‘Yes I do,’ whispers the Conqueror, ‘I am the storm.’


And so the journey begins…

© Copyright 2016 Azuni Book World Ltd. All rights reserved.

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