What are you waiting for ?

When you have a purpose and a vision of a better day to come, you’re ready to make the changes in your life that you crave. There will never be a perfect day to start a new venture. Today’s all you have. Read the following short excerpt by Napoleon Hill, and hopefully you will start taking the action to move forward. Just what are you waiting for and why are you waiting?

Far too many people spend their entire lives waiting for that glorious day when the perfect opportunity presents itself to them.

Too late, they realize that each day held opportunity for those who sought it out. If you have not formulated a plan for what you would like to accomplish in your life, don’t waste another minute.

When you have Definiteness of Purpose fueled by a burning desire to reach your objectives, nothing can stand in your way.

Don’t wait around waiting for life to happen to you.

​When you know what you want and how you expect to earn it, life will agree to your terms, not the other way around.By Napoleon HillIf you’re struggling to find your purpose or need a little initiative to move your life forward, get in touch with me. Leave a message below or email me at mark@urconqueror.co.uk

​There is nothing like accountability to get your act together. All the best Mark:

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