4 Steps To Creating Luck By Mark Weeks.


Sometimes we hear others say, it’s okay for so-and-so, they’ve just been lucky. Or, if I had his luck my life would be so different! If you’re as like minded as me, which I guess you are, or you would have left me sitting here by myself:) Then you too will recognize such people.

I’m the first to admit I’ve been lucky for the best part of my life. And, I think this is the case with most people if they could practice a little more gratitude for what they have in life.

For me the inevitable downward spirals we all face have offered me amazing life lessons and opportunities. All of which has had a tremendous influence on my view of the world. I’ve seen the best in people and the worst. I’ve had great teachers and mentors, and very bad ones. I’ve put too much faith in others to lead the way, when I knew in my heart, I should have made a stand.  

​So, how can you create your own luck?

Here’s a LUCK acronym I created whilst sitting in traffic on the M20 last week to remind you that it’s down to you to create your own luck…



ook at everything with fresh eyes. Your strengths, your weaknesses. Where you are today. Where you were 2 years ago. What do you want from life? Dig deep and be honest with yourself. Have you made progress in areas of your life? If so, can the progress be replicated to other areas?

Understand your customer. Never lose focus on their wants. Are you targeting the right audience? It’s hard selling pet insurance to those with no pets. Are you networking? Are you speaking to 5 potential customers every day? Nothing stays the same, everything evolves, your potential customers are currently being sweet talked by your competitor.

Confidence. Your confidence will shine through, the same as a lack of confidence in your service, product or self will too. Believe in yourself, smile, shoulders back and walk as if you mean business.

Knowledge. Are you really an expert in your chosen arena? Are you seeking to constantly improve any or all of the following? Your expertise, your personality, your finances, your relationships.

Remember you are responsible for your own luck. No one else will make today count for you.

Until next time, keep conquering YOU!

​If you need a little more help in conquering yourself please get in touch or leave a comment.

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