Develop Your Positive Mental Attitude By Mark Weeks


I’ve often been thought of as a soft touch, too easy for my own good and susceptible to the whims of others purely because of my happy go lucky positive nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maintaining a positive attitude and believing tomorrow will be a great day is not a sign of weakness but a skill, one you can develop too.

​For those who believe that the easy going types can be manipulated and pushed around will always be in for a shock. As they do not appreciate the persistence, fortitude and strength of character required.I have a strong affinity to the ‘Golden era’ of personal development and love nothing more than delving into old works by authors such as Napoleon Hill; and having just reread the following excerpt from The Science of Success I wanted to share it with you. Hope it resonance with you.

What Steps Can You Take To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude? by Napoleon Hill ​


A positive mental attitude is a ‘must’ for all who wish to make life pay off on their own terms. Nothing great was ever achieved without a positive mental attitude.

Recognize that your mental attitude is the one and only thing over which you, and you alone, have complete control, and exercise the privilege of taking possession of and directing your mind with a positive mental attitude.

Realize, and prove to your own satisfaction, that every adversity, failure, defeat, sorrow and unpleasant circumstance, whether of your own making or otherwise, carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit which may be transmuted into a blessing of great proportions.


Learn to close the door of your mind on all the failures and unpleasant circumstances of the past, and clear your mind so that it can operate in a positive mental attitude.

Find out what you want most in life and begin getting it, right where you now stand, by helping others to acquire similar benefits, thus putting into action that magic success principle: the habit of going the extra mile.

 Select the person who, in your opinion, is the finest person in all the world, past or present, and make that person your pacemaker for the remainder of your life, emulating him or her in every possible way.

Determine how great a supply of material riches you require, set up a plan for acquiring it, and then adopt the principle of not too much, not too little by which to govern your future ambition for material things. Greed for an overabundance of material things has destroyed more people than any other cause.

Form the habit of saying or doing something every day which will make another person, or persons feel better. You can do this by a phone call, a kind word in passing, dropping a postal card, or by doing some other kindness for another. A good inspirational book placed in the hand of one who needs it could, for example, work wonders in the life of that person.

Source: PMA Science of Success. Page 225.
Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. There really is no magic formula to get you where you wish to go in life, but, there seems to be more doors which open for you when you are kind to others and believe tomorrow will be another good day.

Warmest wishes,
​Mark Weeks:)

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