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In everyone’s life there comes a point when it’s time to make a special decision. All of us have felt the time to change before, some of us eventually take the reins of life and gallop off into the sunset fighting new battles and challenges with a new found delight. Yet, on the other hand so many more continue to swallow, ignoring their feelings whilst continuing to put up with life the way it is. They may feel a little more guilt or, its flip-side, resentment or even regret. Whatever the emotion, it manifests itself every so often into the two saddest words in the dictionary, if only.

These special decisions can happen when you are a teenager, when you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 70, it’s never too late to make a truly life altering choice. You just have to listen to yourself, discipline yourself, be true to yourself and then act. So much quicker to read than to do, but it’s the path you must be prepared to follow.

The decision to finally take action comes from the self-realisation of: ‘if it’s to be, it’s up to me.’ Halley’s comet comes once in a lifetime, the planets align themselves a few times a millennium, and there comes a rare time in the spirit of the individual when all the emotions are channelled in one thought, making both heart and mind shout in unison: enough! At that one moment your determination, your desire, and your resolve fill you with a form of energy which, if channelled correctly, will make you a very powerful force.

If you continue on this path of following through on your special decision you will come to the realisation that only through continuous self-responsibility and self-leadership will you be master of your life. You WILL also realise you could have lived this life many years ago, but it’s never too late as I have said, there’s little place for regrets now.

This is only the beginning of your journey, you now have to continue building upon the foundations of self-mastery. And this is where many falter and return back to the old way of life and this is where our new #URConqueror Academy aims to ensure you make it all the way with continuing support and encouragement.

You will only get one life, there are no auditions, this is it, your one opportunity to play the part you want. You are a modern day conqueror, now believe in YOU.

Julius Caesar - I came. I saw...

Make today the day your small ripples turn into waves, after all #URConqueror of your destiny.

Posted by Mark Weeks

#URConqueror is the self-development channel of Azuni World and created by Mark Weeks. Our mission in life is to help inspire and motivate people to lead a life of true self-leadership.

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