Even conquerors want to be loved.

Love is...

All of us want to be loved even conquerors, in some shape or form. There’s little point denying it, it’s one truth we all share in common. But to be truly loved we must make ourselves lovable; another truth many ignore, feeling they must be loved first and foremost before they can give an iota of ‘love’ to another.

So how do we make ourselves more lovable?

We must prepare ourselves to give before we receive. We do this by becoming loving, disciplined and kinder people.

If you seek to be loved and expect it beyond any measure of giving, you will never feel true love. You will merely become grasping and dependent, yet never genuinely loving.

But when we nurture and love others without any concern of finding reward, then we become more lovable. And the greatest reward of being loved, which we have not sought, will miraculously find us.

It sounds so simple when you spell it out, but so many of us spend our precious time thinking we love others only to find their level of ‘loving’ never grows spiritually and wains with time. It’s only upon reflection we recall they were never lovable in the first place.


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