The Art of saying NO – Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens quote..

People who create know this… they know the world is all strangers with candy. Yet they also know how to say “no” and they know how to suffer the consequences.

This is how Charles Dickens rejected an invitation from a friend:

“‘It is only half an hour’–’It is only an afternoon’–’It is only an evening,’ people say to me over and over again; but they don’t know that it is impossible to command one’s self sometimes to any stipulated and set disposal of five minutes–or that the mere consciousness of an engagement will sometime worry a whole day… Who ever is devoted to an art must be content to deliver himself wholly up to it, and to find his recompense in it. I am grieved if you suspect me of not wanting to see you, but I can’t help it; I must go in my way whether or no.”


When you are creating don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. To be a conqueror requires discipline and self-leadership. Maybe we are the lucky ones because we get it. We’re not grouches, we will return and play some other time 🙂


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